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Matt Par

12+ YT Channels, 500 Million+ Views

I run 12 YouTube channels and TubeMagic is my go-to tool for generating ideas and the script templates are a gamechanger.

I invested over 6 figures into acquiring and improving it.


1.2 million YT Subs

I really like using [TubeMagic] and how well it works.

Been using it a lot for video tags, community posts and descriptions on multiple channels.


YouTube Growth Specialist

I've been experimenting with AI to create YouTube titles, descriptions, and tags and a lot of [TubeMagic] is better than anything I've been able to come up with.

AI Guy

70K+ Subs

TubeMagic is an amazing tool for generating AI scripts. I've had a lot of fun using it while producing AI-generated historical films. Moreover, the keywords are spot on and help my videos rank high in search results.

Priyam Raj

TubeMagic Founder

I started TubeMagic to help YouTubers focus only on creating content and not worry about optimizing videos.

And that's exactly what we do.



Trained with data from the most successful channels.

It understands exactly what it takes to go viral. Making things 5x easier.



A YouTube toolbox that helps you generate your next video idea automatically to plan out months worth of content. You can also generate titles, tags and descriptions. Video content isn't going anywhere.

Alejandro Jimenez

CEO YouTubersFactory

Big shoutout to TubeMagic!

If you're a creator or youtuber looking to boost your work with AI, this tool will definitely help you.

Debt Busters

22,000 Subscribers

TubeMagic is an SEO game-changer.

Offering innovative strategies that rival VidIQ. It's boosted our video rankings and visibility significantly.