Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube With This AI Tool

Which do you think is harder? Going from 0 subscribers to 1,000 or going from 1,000 to 100,000 subscribers?

Think about that for a few seconds.

If you picked going from 1,000 to 100,000 i think you’d be surprised to know you’re actually wrong, and there's an explanation to it.

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat said the first 100 subs are harder than the next 1K.

Casey Neistat, one of the biggest youtubers and vloggers on early YouTube and probably one of the most experienced people when it comes to YouTube, said that his hardest milestone to hit on YouTube was his first 100 subscribers, and second to that was his first 1,000 subscribers.

How Is Getting 1,000 Subscribers The Hardest?

You might be wondering how does it makes sense that its harder getting 1,000 subscribers from 0 is harder than getting 99,000 subscribers from 1,000 to get to 100,000 and it just comes down to a basic principle. 

It is harder to build a community on YouTube when you don’t have a community to begin with.

Getting 1,000 subscribers is more difficult because you don’t have a large amount of a fanbase yet to build upon, while if you have more than 1,000 you actually have the start of community to help you build it more.

So the question is how do you get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube then with no current following? And its simple as Making your videos do well on the YouTube Algorithm. So appearing on peoples homepages, searches and suggested videos. And with AI being as big as it is now, this has became much more easier than ever before if you’re playing the game smart.

Introducing AI...

Back in the day to do well on YouTube Algorithm you had to study all the ins and outs about keywords, and you’d spend a hour just doing your tags for YouTube videos to even make sure they were optimal in any way so your video would do well. Not only that you had to upload as much as possible because being inactive on YouTube would make your videos not do well at all.

Now flash forward to today I’m gonna show you guys an AI Tool that I actually originally paid over 100,000$ to make just so I could do YouTube in a lazy way, but then it was released to public when my students started asking to use it because it worked so well with their own channels.

So a personal AI Tool that i happily paid $100,000 to make completely for myself to simply use is now released officially to the public for anyone to use for free. 

Why Not Make It Easy On Yourself?

And the best way to think about this AI is not only does it make everything so much easier for getting your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, but it also is made up of all the knowledge I’ve learned about YouTube for over a decade, mixed with Artificial Intelligence as well as having direct connection to YouTube API so you can find out what's the best possible way to optimize your YouTube content now to get 1,000 subscribers as fast as possible.

This interesting AI software is actually called Tube Magic and like the name suggests it really is magic but let me show you ALL the interesting features you can do completely free right now using it that will help you get to your first 1,000 subscribers right here on YouTube

The First Feature To Use

For this first feature what you’re gonna want to do is find a YouTube Channel that makes similar content to your channel and pulls really good views. Like for example if you make tech videos you can use Marques Brownlee’s videos or if you make challenge videos you could use MrBeast.

Now once you’ve picked a channel copy their YouTube URL and go into Tube Magic’s Video Ideas AI Model and post the URL there, and it will generate you tons of Ideas for Video Ideas based on the channel you put in.

And that's why you want to pick a channel that gets a lot of views so then it creates titles that would get you in theory, a lot of views.

But What About The Rest Of The Video?

Now say you man a whole YouTube video based around one of these ideas and now its time to post it on YouTube.

If you didn’t know on YouTube, titles, tags and descriptions actually can influence a lot on whether your videos ends up being recommended to people and shows up on YouTube search. So having good keywords in your titles, tags and descriptions is actually very important in this aspect.

However instead of stressing about what to put in your video, if you just post your video first as unlisted and copy your video link to post into Tube Magic, you can actually generate titles, tags and descriptions with optimal keywords that influence the YouTube algorithm to have your video shown to more people, meaning more views, meaning more subscribers.

Now those were al features from the free version of Tube Magic that anyone can use, so even if you can’t spend anything we still fully welcome you to the platform, but we also got a whole ton of other amazing features for people who really want to level up your content the next step on our pro version.

Scripting Your Video

On Tube Magic you’re able to type in a prompt for a video script and it’ll actually use AI to generate you an entire YouTube script for your video at the push of a button, and with just a quick read over and a few tweaks you’d have a script ready within 5 minutes rather than it taking 30 minutes to an hour to write.

Getting A Good Title

A big issue I see with a lot of people posting on YouTube is their titles are always under optimized and could be done so much better, but with Tube Magic If you have an idea for a video you can put the title for the video into the Title ideas section and get several optimized titles back that would get you much more views than your old one. Just a simple quick fix gets you much more views.

Connecting With Your Audience

If you’re trying to connect with your audience more, its sometimes is a bit of a hassle to do it. But you can also easily use our AI to generate community posts or polls instantly on Tube Magic under the Community Tab Writer section.

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And there's a lot of more useful AI tools that will be added to Tube Magic in the future, but for now you can follow the link here to use Tube Magic for free today as a tool for helping you get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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