How to Make Money on YouTube without Ads (Monetization Program AI Hack)

What if it was revealed that there’s a way to start making money on YouTube without waiting for thousands of subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time? It is possible to begin monetizing a channel from day one! In this blog post, the secrets of making money on YouTube without relying on ads are shared.

Despite not having 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of watch time, $1,000 has already been made. While it's not guaranteed that everyone will make the same amount, the exact method used to make $1,000 from just 150 subscribers will be shared. Many others are using this method to earn money before ads are enabled on their YouTube channels.

Even if mistakes are made and only a fraction of that amount is earned, it’s still more than zero. There is no downside to this method, only potential gains. All that is asked is for readers to go through the entire post to learn every single step.

Missing out on any part could mean losing out on crucial information needed to replicate this method successfully, just like what was done to make $1,000 from 8,000 views. Imagine getting even more views on a channel and potentially making thousands of dollars before ads are even enabled.

Step 1: Understand Your Niche

The first step is understanding the niche of the channel and using secret tactics to make it the most profitable. A niche is generally a genre or topic of a YouTube channel. If a niche has already been picked, that’s great.

It’s crucial to pick a niche now and stick to it, only uploading content related to that niche. For example, if cooking is chosen and cooking content is posted, YouTube will recognize that people who like cooking content enjoy these videos and will start recommending these videos to that demographic.

However, if one switches to sports content, YouTube will recommend the sports videos to the cooking audience, leading to disinterest and fewer views. This could damage the channel’s growth. Sticking to one niche maximizes the channel’s potential.

Step 2: Get a High Payout Partnership

The next step is to secure a high-payout partnership for the channel. Since the niche is understood, high-payout partners related to that niche will be looked for. High payout partners are crucial because, for example, earning $200 per transaction is significantly better than earning $20.

Even if not many high-payout products are sold, the few sales made will still be much more profitable than waiting for ad revenue. Websites like Digistore24 or ClickBank offer a library of high payout partnerships that can be found related to the niche.

Step 3: Incorporate Your Partner Into Your Content

Now, the content should be adjusted slightly to include mentions of the high payout partner. Mention the partner naturally, preferably at the beginning or middle of the video, not at the end where viewer engagement drops. If there is a struggle to incorporate it naturally, AI tools like TubeMagic can be used, which is AI software by creators for creators.

TubeMagic’s AI scriptwriter models its scripts on viral winning videos, using machine learning to help replicate success. For those who want to learn more, TubeMagic offers free live training sessions.

TubeMagics AI Script Writer

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Step 4: Optimize Your Videos With AI

Forget what is known about uploading and optimizing videos. Instead, use AI for this step. When uploading a video, typically a lot of time is spent optimizing it with tags, keywords, titles, and descriptions. By uploading the video as unlisted and using TubeMagic’s Wrap Upload Optimizer, an optimized version of the video can be generated in seconds.

This AI has scanned hundreds of viral videos and applies that knowledge to optimize the video, significantly increasing the chances of it going viral. This also saves time compared to manually optimizing the video. Once optimized, place the high payout partner link at the top of the description, and it’s set.

TubeMagics Warp Upload Optimizer


By following these steps, it is possible to start making money on YouTube without waiting for ads to be enabled. This method allows for monetizing a channel from the very beginning and provides an opportunity to earn significantly more than waiting for ad revenue. Remember to understand the niche, secure a high payout partnership, incorporate the partner into the content naturally, and use AI tools to optimize the videos.

This method helped Denis Bel earn $1,000 from just 8,000 views, and it can help others, too. Even if only a fraction of this success is achieved, it’s still better than earning nothing while waiting for ads to be enabled. Start applying these steps today and unlock the channel’s earning potential.

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