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AI YouTube Video Script Writer

Just insert a prompt and select from word count and we will write you a full optimized YouTube script.

We also have tons of templates to choose from include how to scripts, script outlines, shorts scripts, and more!

Let Me Show You How It Works…

General Script Writer

Put in a video title and include anything else you'd like to see in the script.

Then simply select the number of words you'd like your script to be. We will show you an estimate of how long your video will be.

Then click generate and your optimized script will be written in a matter of seconds using the power of AI.

AI Script Templates

We also have templates for how to scripts, script outlines, shorts scripts, and more.

These work in a similar way, but we will format the output differently.

For shorts scripts they will be under 60 seconds long for example and for outline scrpts, you will get the bullet points in your desired length.

Script Outline Generator

This is one of our best tools. Just put in your video title or any additional context you'd like to be included and click the button.

We will give you a high-level overview in the form of bullet points for your script.

You can also select the desired length of your outline with our word count slider tool.

How-to Script Writer

Tutorial videos do amazing on YouTube and now with our AI tool you can generate unlimited how-to scripts for your videos in a matter of seconds.

Just write what your video will be teaching how to do and we will give you a step-by-step script formatted in a chronological order.

This can be useful for tutorial videos, educational videos, or anything that you want to teach.

AI YouTube Shorts Writer

YouTube shorts can get a ton of views and our AI shorts script writer can get your shorts scripts done super fast.

Just tell us what the short is about and we will give you a script that will be under 60 seconds long (length of a YouTube short).

Now the time it takes to create a YouTube short will be, well short!

Script Word Count Slider

With our general script writer tool and many of our script templates, you can use a slider to select your desired word count of your script.

And we will have a popup that tells you how long in minutes your script will be once you generate and read it.

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